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:…10 things that makes me happy..:

1. GOD- because he is my savior, he is the one to lean on when we all have a problem. He answered my prayers in a right time..

2. Mother- she is my inspiration. She always thinks what is good for us. She is my mother at the same time my father. I love her so much that’s why i continue my studies. So that one day she will be proud that I am her daughter. 

3. Friends- because they made me a better person and tell me my negative side.They also gave me advice when i have problems

4. Singing- i love singing that i almost join star just makes me relax..

5. Ice cream- when I’m so frustrated I eat ice cream to cool my mind. After eating it my anger has been froze and just disappear

6. My crush- every time I saw him my heart beat fast that its gonna explode. My day was so complete when i saw him.

7. Watching Korean love stories- when i watched Korean love stories I really enjoy it made’s me more happy

8. When I made people laugh- it makes me more happy when i made people laugh. It feels so good.

9. Gadgets- i love gadgets that was one of the things that made me happy because i can keep in touched with my friends

10. Money- so I can help my mother when me have business. I can help her to pay our bills and buy her things she wanted without asking if our money is enough.



yan ang mahirap ibalik sa oras na nasira mo na…

kya habang maaga if u gain the trust of your love ones 

dont try to destroy it because he might forgive you 

but the trust that u want him to give you will never be the same before 

when everythings seems so happy between you and him..

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